Testimonial: Alison Wright

I strive for precision and clarity with my cameras and lenses so it makes sense that I would want the same for my editing viewing platform. I love the set up of my two side-by-side MultiSync PA311D 31” screens that give me edge-to-edge sharpness and precise color clarity. As the digital world becomes more finessed we need all the elements to come together to help us produce the best images possible. My NEC color monitors are indispensible to my post-production work flow. The precise accuracy of Spectraview color calibration is crucial for making match prints for my books and fine art printing. This depth of color along with the super high resolution and 4K displays create a gorgeous fully immersive experience with these monitors. They are the envy of everyone who walks into my office. Read More...

Sharp NEC Color Management Displays - Overview

Whatever your display needs are, Sharp NEC Display Solutions has the right product. Have a look at our product overview.

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